Santa Cruz – Aptos Beekeepers

Santa Cruz-Aptos Beekeepers

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Area Beekeeper will travel to collect swarms

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Thomas Goode
831-234-1703 Cell
831-688-8305 Home
Removes Swarms In: Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Capitola
Rami Shihadeh
Removes Bee Hives In: Santa Cruz County, Monterey CountyRemoves and relocates established hives from walls etc. Repairs damage from removal. Charges for his services
Jeff Perez of Stinging Insect Removal
Santa Cruz, CA
Removes Swarms In: Santa Cruz County, Monterey CountyI do honey bee removals in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties primarily: swarms, removals from walls, roofs, sheds, trees, etc. I can do a cut-out which means physically removing the bees and comb from the nest, and usually involves cutting a hole to access the nest. Or I can do a trap-out which requires no cutting, but takes up to two months to complete. I do charge for my services.