Swarm Helpers

If you see a swarm of bees where they shouldn’t be, these people can help you. You may need a couple of definitions: Rehiving means removing the bees from where you found them, and putting them in a more genteel hive managed by a beekeeper. Extraction may involve carpentry and repairs. Bees can make homes in strange places. Sometimes they might be where you live. They don’t want to be bad neighbors, but their interests may not always be the same as yours. Where extraction is mentioned, it means exposing the hive, cutting out the comb, and then rehiving them.-

Name and ContactExtractions or RehivingCharges, if anyGeographical Range
Vicki Basham vbasham@serenogroup.com (831) 601-4758RehivingNoneCentral Coast
Glenn Martz (Redhead Honey) gmartz@sbcglobal.net (831) 206-7323Rehiving, ExtractionsNone for rehiving, Extraction estimatesSalinas, Monterey, Aromas, Carmel Valley, Watsonville, surroundings
Michelle Kiba michellekiba@rocketmail.com (831) 334-8537RehivingNoneSanta Cruz, Prunedale, San Juan Bautista, Salinas, Monterey
Tamara Hennessy tahmbw@comcast.net
(831) 484-6300
RehivingNoneHighway 68 corridor, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Carmel
Jesse Muson jessemuson@icloud.com General Contractor
(831) 915-4803
Rehiving and Extractions$75/hour for extractionsLives in Seaside, does Monterey, Salinas and south
Charles Martin bakview@gmx.com
(831) 373-7756, (831) 373-0649
Rehiving, some ExtractionsNone for rehiving, $150/average for extractionsMonterey to 8-mile radius
Rami Shihadeh, Central Coast Bee Removal & Apiaries
Cell: 831-521-8893
email: ramishi222@gmail.com
website: iremovebees4u.com
Extractions; Removals & Relocations; Consultations; Honey SalesCharge for extractions Monterey County
Tony Bosso admsndler1@gmail.com (831) 706-5286Rehiving, can assist on extractionsNone for rehivingSanta Cruz county and north Monterey county
Norman Propp napropp45@gmail.com (831) 253-8093Rehiving, can assist on extractionsNone for rehivingPrunedale, Salinas, Monterey Peninsula, Carmel
Ross Hein Ross.Hein.Contractor@usap.gov 1-(720) 568-2359 (Office)
(831) 818-1858 (Cell)
Taylor Buaya taylor.buaya@gmail.com
(831) 402-1090
Monterey Peninsula to Big Sur
Ron Scholink
(831) 998-1471
RehivingDonationNorth County, Salinas, Monterey
Marvin Rose
(408) 318-0681
Mostly rehivingNoneCarmel Valley, Monterey Penninsula, Salinas
Robert Officer
(831) 233-1066
RehivingNoneCarmel Valley, Carmel
Tony Bosso
(831) 706-5286
Rehiving, extraction assistingRehiving freeSanta Cruz Cty, N. Monterey Cty
Dan Wood
(831) 521-3653
RehivingNoneHwy 68, Monterey Penninsula
Julie Ross
(831) 917-7831
RehivingNoneMonterey Peninsula
Elliot Maiorana
(831) 236-2055
RehivingNoneMonterey Peninsula & Salinas
Pete Plescia
(217) 372-7414
RehivingNone North Monterey County