Swarm Helpers

If you see a swarm of bees where they shouldn’t be, these people can help you.-

Name and ContactExtractions or RehivingCharges, if anyGeographical Range
Vicki Basham vbasham@serenogroup.com (831) 601-4758RehivingNoneCentral Coast
Glenn Martz (Redhead Honey) gmartz@sbcglobal.net (831) 206-7323Rehiving, ExtractionsNone for rehiving, Extraction estimatesSalinas, Monterey, Aromas, Carmel Valley, Watsonville, surroundings
Michelle Kiba michellekiba@rocketmail.com (831) 334-8537RehivingNoneLives in Santa Cruz, will cover Prunedale, San Juan Bautista, Salinas, Monterey
Tamara Hennessy tahmbw@comcast.net
(831) 484-6300
RehivingNoneHighway 68 corridor, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Carmel
Jesse Muson jessemuson@icloud.com General Contractor
(831) 915-4803
Rehiving and Extractions$75/hour for extractionsLives in Seaside, does Monterey, Salinas and south
Charles Martin bakview@gmx.com
(831) 373-7756, (831) 373-0649
Rehiving, some ExtractionsNone for rehiving, $150/average for extractionsMonterey to 8-mile radius
Tony Bosso admsndler1@gmail.com (831) 706-5286Rehiving, can assist on extractionsNone for rehivingSanta Cruz county and north Monterey county
Norman Propp napropp45@gmail.com (831) 253-8093Rehiving, can assist on extractionsNone for rehivingPrunedale, Salinas, Monterey Peninsula, Carmel
Ross Hein Ross.Hein.Contractor@usap.gov 1-(720) 568-2359 (Office)
(831) 818-1858 (Cell)
Taylor Buaya taylor.buaya@gmail.com
(831) 402-1090
Monterey Peninsula to Big Sur
Ron Scholink
(831) 998-1471
RehivingDonationNorth County, Salinas, Monterey
Marvin Rose
(408) 318-0681
Mostly rehivingNoneCarmel Valley, Monterey Penninsula, Salinas
Robert Officer
(831) 233-1066
RehivingNoneCarmel Valley, Carmel
Tony Bosso
(831) 706-5286
Rehiving, extraction assistingRehiving freeSanta Cruz Cty, N. Monterey Cty
Dan Wood
(831) 521-3653
RehivingNoneHwy 68, Monterey Penninsula
Julie Ross
(831) 917-7831
RehivingNoneMonterey Peninsula
Elliot Maiorana
(831) 236-2055
RehivingNoneMonterey Peninsula & Salinas
Pete Plescia
(217) 372-7414
RehivingNone North Monterey County